Cre • a • tive (krē’ādiv) - a person with a novel service or product who wants to build a successful business around it. At Warkentin LLC, we routinely advise creatives, artists, and musicians on a variety of legal issues, including:


Creative Law

We specifically designed Warkentin LLC for creatives and business owners because that is where our passion lies. We also just happen to have a law practice. We are corporate, copyright, and trademark attorneys who thrive in helping creatives and entrepreneurs of all types reach their professional and business goals. From restaurants to furniture makers, interior designers to studio owners, healthcare practitioners to musicians, we're here to help you foster and protect your endeavors. We want to minimize the legal hassles so you can focus on what you do best.



Only a musician who has done it truly knows what it takes to be successful songwriter, player, and performer. In addition to his legal career, Zach has extensive experience as a performing artist, songwriter, manager, and promoter. He simply loves working in the music business and with musicians. So whether you’re the next big thing, or are already on top, we will strive to safeguard your music and maximize your returns.



Regardless of which side you are on for a particular agreement, we will work to protect your interests while providing you a thorough understanding of your warranties, rights, and responsibilities. Look to us for everything from employee issues, NDAs, independent contractor agreements, leases, licenses, buy/sell agreements, works for hire, privacy policies, terms of use, and other business and intellectual property concerns.



As an experienced attorney, graphic designer, and musician, Zach knows a thing or two about protecting creative property. Whether registering marks specific to your brand, defending rights to a domain name, or licensing your work, he is one of very few who has experienced the process from beginning to end, and from the inside and out. We can assist you to navigate the hoops of copyright and trademark law in order to best protect your brands, domains, and licenses, in order to keep them polished as you build your business around them.



We specialize in entity formation, business and commercial advising, governance, mergers and acquisitions, and compliance. Electing the right entity structure from the beginning is key to your business' long-term growth. We will work closely with you to identify the best corporate strategies, including how to employ them to best achieve goals while limiting risk. We're also here to review your current operational needs, so you can focus on the bottom line and not the small print.


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